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Who am I?

According to Descartes we are because we think – ‘cognito ergo sum‘.  Although I do not quite agree with Descartes, If I had to pick some words of wisdom to provide you with some insight into my thinking these may be representative:

Zhaozhou asked Nanquan, “What is the way?”

Nanquan said, “Ordinary mind is the way.”

Zhaozhou asked, “Shall I try for that?”

Nanquan said, “If you try you’ll miss it.”

Zhaozhou asked, “How do I know it’s the way if I don’t try?”

Nanquan said, “The way has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing. Knowing is illusion; not knowing is ignorance. If you penetrate the way of no-trying, it will be open – empty and vast. What need is there to affirm this or deny it?”

Zhaozhou was suddenly enlightened upon hearing this.


A more standard resume will look more like this


Jan Emblemsvåg                                                                          Updated: August 5th 2014

Born:                            23.04.1971                                                 Marital status:  Married
Nationality:                   Norwegian                                                   Five children

Permanent Contact



1996 – 1999:  Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

The degree is related to design and management in a wide sense.
Worked with Dr. Bert Bras with research primarily in Life-Cycle Assessments and environmentally conscious design and (de/re) manufacturing.  The work took little more than two years.
The dissertation, which is titled ‘Activity-Based Life-Cycle Assessments in Design and Management’  was successfully defended April 5. 1999 at The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering.
The members of the Ph.D. Committee were:

Dr. Bert Bras (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering),
Dr. Farrokh Mistree (Professor, Mechanical Engineering),
Dr. Steven Y. Liang (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering),
Dr. Chia S. Kiang (Institute Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences),
Dr. Arnold Schneider (Associate Professor, Management) and
Mr. Ray C. Anderson (Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Interface, Inc. Co-Chairman of the President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development and Chairman of Georgia Tech Advisory Board)
Alumni of the Systems Realization Laboratory.


Obtained the CIMS (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems) certificate in March 1998. The purpose of the CIMS program is to give a broad and multi-disciplinary education for engineers, leaders and scientists.


1993 – 1994: Master of Science, Georgia Institute of Technology

The degree was taken in Mechanical Engineering, more specifically in design at The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering in December 1994.
Worked with Dr. Bert Bras in  the Systems Realization Laboratory. The Master’s Thesis was titled ‘Activity-Based Costing in Designing for the Life-Cycle’, see Awards and Honors.  This thesis was also used as diploma thesis at the Norwegian Institute of Technology.
The members of the Master Committee were:

Dr. Bert Bras (Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering),
Dr. Farrokh Mistree (Professor, Mechanical Engineering) and
Dr. Daniel P. Schrage (Professor, Aerospace Engineering).


1990 – 1994: Sivilingeniør i Maskinteknikk, Norges Tekniske Høgskole

The degree ‘Sivilingeniør i Maskinteknikk’ with specialization in design.
The Diploma Thesis  – Activity-Based Costing in Designing for the Life-Cycle – focused on Life-Cycle Costing and Life-Cycle Analysis in the context of design.
The last 18 months was taken at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Systems Realization Laboratory, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


1988 – 1990: Spjelkavik Videregående Skole, Ålesund.  Exam Artium in Science.


Work Experience

1987 – 1994: Tafjord Kraftselskap AS, Ålesund, Norway.

Summer job over eight summers (one year combined).
Maintenance work related to power stations and the associated power lines.


1996                Møre Research Ålesund

Made a Life-Cycle Costing (LCC) model for forecasting and simulation of hull and propulsion machinery for a platform supply ship owned by Farstad Shipping ASA.
I was fortunate to use this work towards my Ph.D. degree.


1996  – 1999:  Stokke Fabrikker AS, Ålesund, and Westnofa Industrier AS, Åndalsnes

Hired to make Activity-Based Costing (ABC) models that later were expanded to become Activity-Based Cost and Environmental Management models.
I was fortunate to use this work towards my Ph.D. degree.


1999  – 2001:  Considium Consulting Group AS, Oslo

Position: Partner.
Consulting based on my Master’s Thesis and Ph.D. work, see work areas.
Major projects;

  • Business analysis/development of a new company between Telenor and NRK that will be a digital TV wholesaler. As of today this project is discussed in the Norwegian Parliament due to the market dominance of both Telenor and NRK.
  • Activity-Based Costing and Economic Profit analysis for automotive parts manufacturer.
  • Activity-Based Costing at ABB Electric A/S in Denmark.
  • Business analysis of capturing customers from competitors in the Scandinavian Cable TV and SMATV industry.


2001-2003:  Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Consulting, Oslo

Position:  Management consultant.
Consulting based on my Master’s Thesis and Ph.D. work, see work areas.  I have also expanded my knowledge base into the domain of qualitative risk management.
Major projects;

  • Integrated cost and risk analysis of missile system development.


2003-2007:  Stokke Gruppen AS Skodje/Foraform AS, Ørsta

First position: Project leader.
Various improvement projects in production, cost management and product development including a major position in planning and implementation of a new factory.
Second position: Senior Vice President of Manufacturing.
After Stokke Gruppen AS was split in three companies, I was offered the position as Senior Vice-President of Manufacturing for Foraform AS and I accepted.  In this position I am responsible for manufacturing, logistics and procurement and reports to the CEO.


2007-2009: Ulstein Verft AS, Ulsteinvik

Director of Production.
Responsible for production in Norway (Ulsteinvik and Vanylven) and abroad (Poland and Ukraine).


2010-now: Adjunct Professor at Ålesund University College
I hold a 20% position which includes teaching a seminar on Life-Cycle Management for graduate students, and I supervise students in their Master’s thesis work.


2010-2014: Vard Group AS (former STX Norway Offshore and STX OSV)

2010 – 2011 (2 years) – I led a business unit/shipyard located at Søviknes. Søviknes yard was founded in 1936 and has about 180 employees in addition to several hundred sub-contractors. The yard focuses on the outfitting and commissioning phases of offshore vessels, ferries, fishing vessels and special vessels.From January 2012 I accepted the position as SVP of Innovation and Process Management. The background for this new position is that the company decided to focus more on innovation and process improvements within the entire shipbuilding process. The most notable project I was heavily involved in was the large investment project in Tulcea, Romania – the largest shipyard in Vard with more then 4,000 employees. I was also instrumental in improving the planning process, the project execution process and IT system improvements in Vard.Also, there were from time to time special projects that need attention.


2014-now: President of Kongsberg Evotec AS

Kongsberg evotec is a fully owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Group that I head.  We provide Marine Handling Technology to the demanding offshore industry including hydraulic powerpacks, winches, spooling devices, overboard handling equipments, control systems and more.

2003-now:  Emblemsvag Management Consulting (EMC), Ålesund

Various projects on strategy, risk management and cost management.  Customers include Kongsberg Maritime and Bravida Norge AS.
Give talks and seminars on numerous subjects for both companies and non-profit organizations.


2004-now: Board positions and minor, regular engagements

1) Adjunct professor at Norwegian School of Management in Ålesund (2004 – 2009). Once a year I held a 3 day seminar about business development focusing on gathering information and using it effectively and efficiently. When the local branch in Ålesund closed, this small teaching activity was discontinued.
2) Member of The Board in Ulstein Poland (2007 – 2009).
3) Member of The Board at Vard Piping (2011 – 2014)
4) Member of The Board at Vard Accommodation (2011 – 2014)
5) General Manager and Member of The Board at Aakre Eigendom (2011 – 2014)

1) Adjunct professor (10% position) at Molde University College to supervise a PhD student (2012 – present)
2) Member of The Board at Brunstad AS (2014-present).


Military Service – HMKG Drill Platoon 1995

Basic training on Evjemoen and HMKG Huseby.  Chosen for the Drill Platoon to represent Norway and the Army in Norway and abroad.
Military rank: Corporal.
Life-time member of North Dakota National Guard 164th Engineering Battalion.


Selected Awards and Honors

  1. Awarded “Kongeskipet NORGE og ABB Miljø Norsk Viftefabrikk’s Miljøpris 1995” by Queen Sonja of Norway for the best environmentally focused thesis in 1994/1995 at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in June 1995. Along with the honor came NOK 25 000.
  2. Awarded in November 1995 a Ph.D. Scholarship from the U.S. – Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange to take a Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute of Technology from fall 1996 to fall 1997. The scholarship was worth NOK 110 000.
  3. Awarded the prize “Beste Drillgardist 1995” in the Drill Platoon at HMKG by the president of the Norwegian Drill Guard Association during the final concert of the HMKG Drill Contingent in Oslo Concert Hall on December 3. 1995.
  4. Awarded in May 1996 a Ph.D. Scholarship from The Research Council of Norway to take a Ph.D. in design at the Georgia Institute of Technology from fall 1996 to fall 1999. The scholarship is worth over NOK 900 000.
  5. Awarded Out-of-State-Tuition-Waiver by George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering.  Such awards are given to ‘a limited number of academically outstanding nonresident full-time students for waiver of non-resident fees’. The award is worth more than USD 6 000 per year.
  6. Chosen for ‘Who’s Who Among American Students in 1998’.
  7. ‘Highly Commended’ Award in the 2003 volume of Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering for a paper co-authored with Leif Tonning.



See Publications for abstracts from some of my main publications.


Seminars and Workshops

Have been invited on several occasions to participate with reference to my work, amongst others:

  • Held a two-day seminar for Alcatel Space Norway in December 2002 concerning project risk management.
  • Held several seminars on quality management, risk management, cost management and engineering design for companies such as Rolls-Royce, Hjellegjerde, Stokke, Aksena and its customers.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the Habitat JAM online discussion forum, December 2005. This online discussion is part of the preparations of the Canadian Government for the UN Habitat World Urban Forum (WUF) in June 2006 which will be held in Vancouver.


Additional Information

  • Student Representative (1991 – 1993) in the School of Mechanics at Norwegian Institute of Technology.
  • Representative for HMKG Drill Platoon 1995.
  • Familiar with the following software: Word, Excel and PowerPoint (for Windows and Macintosh), FrontPage and Crystal Ball.
  • Fluent in oral and written English in addition to basic German.


Personal Interests

Play drums, wild life, photography, think and write.