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Management Process


Although management literature is filled with panaceas, new ideas and new, indispensable methods, nothing is more important for a company than to have an effective and efficient management process, because without an effective and efficient management process it is not possible to effectively put the resources to good, profitable usage. 

For this reason Management By Objectives (MBO) came about in the 1950s, but experience shows that many organizations have problems making MBO work. There are many reasons for that, but as senior partner of Considium Consulting Group AS John-Erik Stenberg discusses in his latest book, there are more to the management process than MBO suggests.

Notably, the fact that humans are irrational beings should imply that methods solely applicable to the rationale will ultimately fail in the long run. What is needed is that the management process is based on a set of agreed-upon rules, values and morals in addition to the straight MBO.  This is roughly what Considium Consulting Group AS have been doing for the last 20 years under the name 'Result Assurance' - a remarkably simple idea that have been successfully implemented in numerous companies.



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