The dichotomy of theory versus practice is an artificial one – all practice is based on theory whereas not all theory is based on practice, which is why this dichotomy arose. The difference between modern approaches to leadership and management and other approaches lies in their relation to reality. Modern approaches are fact-based and driven by reality, and so am I.

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  • "Anyone with an interest in managing an organization's risks and predicting future costs may find this book helpful".
    Review by Jean-Victor Côté published in Strategic Finance in September 2005
  • "This book skillfully combines the ideas of life-cycle costing and activity based costing to come up with an approach to effectively manage costs in an uncertain environment".
    Dr. Arnold Schneider, Professor of Accounting, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • The idea of turning uncertainty into an asset for managers is quite unique. Making budgeting less data-oriented and more risk-oriented is another good idea. The next step now is to make operative approaches and apply the theory in practical situations!
    John-Erik Stenberg, Considium Consulting Group
  • “ a major step forward in the field of environmental management.”
    Ray Anderson, Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Interface, Inc.
  • "This book has fresh approach to question - how much it costs. We are using this book's theories in real business as we are expanding to downstream markets. Traditional life cycle costing methods are too rigid and doesn't really give tools to understand future risks and uncertainties."